workAbout Us:

We are an international marketing agency that works with American marketing firms and their clients.  Most of our marketing work is related to interior design and architecture.

We have two hubs: Mysore (India) and Corfu (Greece).

What we are looking for:


All candidates should have strong English, proficiency in their given skill set, the ability to work as a team, respect for authority, respect for client needs, a positive attitude to work and to relationships, and a mature relationship to responsibility. Our offices are often quiet, like libraries, with everyone focused intently on their work.

In return for your sincere intention and undivided attention, we commit to being flexible with your personal and family needs, providing flexible time off for family and holidays. Regularity, however, is essential.  We close our office on time, protecting your evenings and weekends.

The Mysore office is open from 10-7pm, Monday through Friday.
The Corfu office is open from 9-6pm, Monday through Friday.

We provide generous wages as we reward our workers for the value that they bring to our clients.


These are currently the positions available in Mysore (India):

Front-end Designer: You should know Photoshop, as well as be familiar with CSS, HTML, and, hopefully, WordPress.  Some training is provided, but we expect you to be sufficiently interested in both design and the technology behind it.

Website Designer:  If you are a master of Photoshop and Illustrator, understand user experience, and have a passion for design- not just the skills- then we have some very talented interior designers in America that need gorgeous websites. Currently seeking a senior designer.

Social Media Networker:  You should love clicking “like”, “follow” and “Pin.”  This position is what we refer to as a “clicker.”  It is one who connects many people together through interaction.  Solid English skills are required.

Social Media Manager:  Native English speakers only.  You’ll be connecting with interior designers around the globe, so you must have a passion for interior design- but not necessarily a design education.  Platforms that that we use include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz, and LinkedIn.

Digital Marketer: You’ll need strong written English and a variety of Internet marketing training and experience.  Google Analytics, advertising, and SEO software knowledge would be ideal, as would experience with email marketing, video marketing, and social media. Multiple positions available.

Content Writer:  You love interior design and writing in American English? Join our team as a content writer and ghost blogger.

Project Manager:  You love organization and structure.   A line can never be too straight for you.  A task is never done until it is verified and then re-verified.  You thrive on creating and maintaining well-run systems.  Masterful execution of process and procedure brings you deep satisfaction. QA is in your bones.

Operations Manager:  Have management experience in a marketing, PR or IT firm?  Apply if you get deep satisfaction from keeping your team directed on its goals and guiding and mentoring them for success, and if you have experience managing teams and processes using cloud project management tools and with an eye on quality assurance.  A passion for marketing is preferred.

Other positions, including WordPress coding/development, will open in the future, submit your CV for future hiring considerations.

Remote Working Positions: We understand that some of India’s smartest and most dedicated professionals are mothers with household responsibilities.  Therefore, we offer remote working positions for mothers with at least 6 years of work experience.  

Working from home is not for everyone and we take extra steps to ensure a good fit.  We start remote workers on smaller projects to ensure that the deliverables meet our timelines and quality standards.

Depending upon the position, remote work can be done during your choice of hours.  However, we do appreciate a semi-permanent schedule so that the team can know when to expect to have you available.  Some positions, such as some social media ones, require working after 5pm IST as it must coincide with the American business day.


To apply…

Send your cover letter explaining:

  • The office & position that you are applying for
  • Why you are a great match for this position

Along with your CV to:

>> Please do not send any Word Docs.  We only open PDFs.

We look forward to welcoming the right people onto our team!