Marketing Internships on a Greek Island (Corfu, Greece)

corfu-cityLearn the art of living from the Greeks.
Learn the art of making a living from the Americans.

Unpaid internship positions in digital marketing designed by a successful American marketing agency owner.

  • Content Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Analytics and Ads
  • Web Design
  • Web Development

corfuIf you’d like to learn the digital marketing business to land yourself an amazing job, open your own agency, or to develop your craft so that you can be a freelancer / digital nomad, consider spending 3 months interning in our Corfu office. We welcome candidates looking to change their career. No visa required!

We are an international marketing agency with offices in Greece and India. Our main client, an American marketing agency, designed this internship experience.

la-grotta-corfuOur office is located in the old town area- in a 400-year-old building built by the French. Everything can be accessed on foot- from cafes to bars, cute little shops to great swimming spots in the beautiful sea. The old town is pedestrian only- no cars allowed! So, you can walk through the charming old streets built by Venetians, experiencing the good vibes of a town that developed before cars.

Most people in Corfu are either fluent in English or they know enough to carry a basic conversation.

kanoni-corfuIt is gorgeous in Corfu- making it an experience of a lifetime.

Cost of living is lower than the States. It is just $200-300 to rent an apartment. We will assist with arranging housing.

Corfu has an international airport.

We serve a homemade Greek lunch daily for free to our team.

Apply by sending us your resume and a cover letter explaining why this opportunity matches you:

Note: Our American client is encouraging us to offer these internships because he did unpaid internships when he was in college and he benefited so much from them. The advantage of an unpaid internship is that you aren’t turned to for productivity and instead there is a tremendous opportunity to learn more than an entry-level worker that is cultivated to do one or a small set of tasks. You will learn a ton, have so much fun in Corfu, and will have a stepping stone for your next position or your freelancing career.