We value personal autonomy as a core principle, which means we offer work-hour flexibility and evaluate work solely on output quality. We understand the needs of high performers with unconventional scheduling needs and provide the flexibility that smart, capable people require. Learn about us and why to work with us.

Our team largely works from home throughout India and Europe. We maintain our HQ in Mysore.

What we are looking for:

Ideal candidates should possess excellent English proficiency, mastery in their specific skill area, the ability to work well in a team environment, show respect for authority, understand and prioritize client needs, possess a positive work and relationship attitude, and have a responsible approach to their work.

In exchange for your hard work and dedication, we are flexible with your personal and family obligations, providing ample time off for personal enjoyment, family, and vacations.

Our Mysore office operates from 10:30am to 7:30pm, Monday to Friday. We respect your evenings and weekends by closing the office on time. Working from home is without predetermined hours.

We acknowledge and reward our team members for the value they bring to our clients.

At DMS, we are constantly seeking talented individuals for various roles, ranging from internships to administrative support, design to coding, and writing to optimization. Even if you don’t see a specific job opening that fits your skill set, we encourage you to submit an application following the instructions provided. Our team will be happy to review your qualifications and consider your candidacy.



Design Manager: 

The Design Manager is responsible for providing strategic direction, supervision, and guidance to all creative initiatives and projects, including website development, graphic design, and social media imagery. This role requires an experienced UI/UX and graphic designer, who has a balance of creative talent, technical proficiency, and team management expertise.

Operations Manager: 

The Operations Manager is responsible for guaranteeing that all strategies, processes, and tasks are properly executed by the team. The successful candidate will have a proven track record in leading teams and processes, as well as the ability to mentor and guide team members to success with a strong emphasis on quality assurance. The ideal candidate will have at least five years of experience in operations management for a marketing team.

Marketing Project Manager: 

The Marketing Project Manager is responsible for overseeing and managing projects using cloud project management tools, with a focus on maintaining project schedules and quality assurance. The ideal candidate will have prior project management experience within a marketing agency with expertise in SEO, advertising, and social media management.

Web Project Manager: 

The Web Project Manager is responsible for overseeing and managing projects using cloud project management tools, with a focus on maintaining project schedules and quality assurance. The ideal candidate for this role will have previous project management experience in an IT or web development company and a track record of effectively managing developers and back-end teams.


Director of Digital Advertising: 

The Director of Digital Advertising drives ROI through search, display, social, and programmatic advertising. Must have strong analytical skills and ad tech understanding. Responsibilities include strategy development, implementation, optimization, A/B testing, and CRO. Requires meticulous organization and solid self-management skills. Learn More >

Wordsmith Editor: 

The Wordsmith Editor is responsible for overseeing the creation and editing of written content using both human (managing our writers) and AI techniques. This position requires excellent American English writing and editing skills, and a passion for technology and innovation. Candidates should possess strong organizational and self-management skills.

Content Manager: 

The Content Manager is responsible for providing strategic direction, supervision, and guidance to all content creation initiatives, including branding, copywriting, blogging, article writing, video storyboarding, and more. This role requires a combination of creative and organizational skills, as well as strong writing abilities.

Digital Marketer: 

The Digital Marketer must possess strong written English skills and a wealth of experience in internet marketing. Should have knowledge of one or more of the following: marketing automation, Google Analytics, SEO, email marketing, video marketing, and/or social media. Passion for automation and AI is preferred. Multiple positions are available.

Senior Programmer: 

The Senior Programmer will possess a deep understanding of HTML, CSS, PHP, and related technologies, with a preference for WordPress expertise. Must be a team player that can fluidly interface with project managers, designers, and management. Strong communication skills are a must.

Senior UI/UX Website Designer: 

The Senior UI/UX Website Designer will possess a mastery of Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator, a passion for web design, and the ability to create visually stunning websites. No coding experience is required.

Social Media Manager: 

The Social Media Manager will be responsible for connecting with interior designers globally and must have a passion for interior design, native English language proficiency, and excellent written communication skills. This is our only position that must overlap with American business hours, so it is best suited for someone in the Americas or Europe. If based in India, it would require being online until midnight IST Monday through Friday.


Academically gifted individuals with strong written English skills and a passion for digital marketing and related topics are invited to apply for our Internship program. As an Intern, you will have the opportunity to delve into various areas of focus including design, coding, AI, automation, writing, and social promotion. The program combines self-directed study, training, and hands-on experience to provide a well-rounded learning experience. Please note that this is an unpaid internship during the learning phase, which will transition to a modest stipend once you have demonstrated productivity.


HR Recruiter:

A proficient HR Recruiter with a foundational understanding of digital marketing and outstanding organizational and communication abilities. Key responsibilities encompass coordinating interviews, liaising with hiring managers, facilitating internal communication, and overseeing recruitment schedules. The ideal candidate must be adaptable to change and demonstrate a consistent history of fulfilling commitments and effectively carrying out recruitment tasks.

Executive Assistant: 

A skilled Executive Assistant with general knowledge of digital marketing and exceptional organizational and communication skills. Responsibilities include taking meeting notes, interfacing with project managers, communicating internally, and managing schedules. Must have the ability to embrace change and a proven track record of following through and executing responsibilities.

Virtual Assistant:

A skilled Virtual Assistant with exceptional organizational and communication skills, and the ability to quickly learn how to use emerging software for efficiency and productivity. Responsibilities include taking meeting notes, interfacing with management, communicating internally, booking travel, and implementing special projects. Must have the ability to embrace change and a proven track record of following through and executing responsibilities. Must be technologically comfortable and internationally minded.


Send your cover letter to jobs@designmarketing.biz explaining:

  • The position that you are applying for
  • Why you are a great match for this position
  • If you prefer to work in our Mysore office or work from home
  • Current (or last) and expected salary

Make sure to include:

  • Video intro link (see below)
  • Resume/CV
  • Supporting materials (portfolio, writing examples, etc.), if applicable


  • Please do not send any Word Docs. We only open PDFs.
  • We only guarantee responses to applicants that have included video intros.

We look forward to welcoming the right people onto our awesome team!


So you reviewed our site, including our  About Us  and  DMS Advantage  pages, and are interested in working with us? Great!

We want to get a more personal understanding of you. To help us do so, please record a 5-minute video introduction of yourself using a free app such as  Vidyard  or YouTube unlisted sharing (which is private). Do not send anything that we need to download to watch.

In the video, please answer the following questions:

1. Give us an overview of your professional background and share your greatest professional achievements: What do you believe you can bring to the table and what would you most enjoy doing?
2. Explain the challenges of your job and how you approach them. Take a moment to discuss the specifics so we can better understand your working style and capabilities.
3. Discuss your availability for work: What are your preferred work hours, and do you have any other personal or professional responsibilities that may impact your availability?
4. If applicable, explain why you are leaving your current job or why you stopped working at your last position.
5. Share your current salary or most recent wage and what your salary expectations are.
6. Looking ahead, where do you see yourself professionally in five and ten years from now?